Harry Henderson Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology


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Harry Henderson Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology НАУКА и УЧЕБА. Recommended for high-school, public, and academic libraries. With a limited number of entries, topic selection appears based on popularity. This encyclopedia focuses on computers and issues related to computers. Citations for books and articles are current, with several from 2002.Articles on various computer languages might be too technical for the novice computer user. The encyclopedia also offers a listing of entries by general category in the front and a keyword index in the back.The strength of this resource is its currency. Mouse traces the development of the mouse, includes a diagram of a mechanical mouse, and has statements such as Activating a button is called clicking. All articles have a list of further readings, usually two to eight items, often including Web sites. As a result, both beginners and more experienced computer users should find this resource helpful.The 167 black-and-white illustrations include charts, drawings, flowcharts, photographs, and screen shots! On the other hand, articles on hardware seem tailored for the beginner. Four appendixes include a list of bibliographic guides (both print and Web based) to the computer field, a chronology of computing, important awards, and computer-related organizations. More than 400 entries, arranged alphabetically, provide information on hardware, software, computer languages, operating systems, applications, the Internet, key individuals, and social issues such as the digital divide. The longest, History of computing, stretches to just over four pages. For example, the article on C++ provides sample code? It makes a nice supplement to older works such as the Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History (Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001), the Encyclopedia of Computer Science (4th ed., Groves Dictionaries, 2000), and the World of Computer Science (Gale, 2002). For example, Microsoft Windows gets a three-page main entry, while the Macintosh operating system is only mentioned within articles related to Macintosh (e.g., Jobs, Steven Paul).Articles average about a page in length.

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